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  • About us

    We are your trusted business advisors

    Gahan & Co Chartered Accountants are a recognised leader for business advice, delivered using leading systems and a high performing team that helps customers take their businesses to the next level. Gahan & Co Chartered Accountants are passionate about the success of small to medium-sized businesses, believing that what holds them back is access to the best advice and services. By partnering with Gahan & Co you get an accountant who understands your business and is able to provide the best advice and expertise across all areas related to your success.

  • Our approach

    We have a successful 3 steps formula for advising clients


    It is important that for each company we interact with, we learn about their business, their journey to date and their roadmap for the future.


    Once we have completed the consulting phase, our business advisors at Gahan and Co. will be best positioned to share specifically how we can add value to your business.


    After sharing how we can add value to your business, you will be fully informed about what decision will best match your needs.

  • Our Services

    Where the magic happens

    Book Keeping

    The journey begins

    For some clients, we serve as their office administration - preparing all their payments and invoices to various extents. We assist with collections, manage and report on cash flow and provide other services. We also serve as regular advisors and meet regularly with them. Feel free to contact us to discuss your requirements.

    Cash Flow & Forecasting

    Stay ahead of the game

    Our Business Partners are experts that are committed to the success of businesses just like yours.

    They know what to look out for when managing cash flow. Too many businesses run off poor financial data, or even worse by simply looking at cash in the bank.

    You need to understand your profitability and whether you're likely to come up against any cash shortfalls if a key client misses a payment or if you encounter any surprises.

    Tax Planning & Compliance

    Kep it simple

    Every business is different. Fast growing technology businesses with global ambitions have an entirely different set of tax requirements to traditional local success stories. Unlike your neighbourhood accountant, RightWay's vast business partner network means we have the right experience, even in ​the most unique of situations.

    Xero accounting software

    Powering your business

    We embrace technology and are firm believers in leveraging the power of innovation to work smarter. With Xero you only have one set of accounts so you know you're looking at the correct information. You'll also get automatic updates and enjoy the benefits of going paperless – meaning no need to maintain onsite servers or store printed files.

    Reporting & Annual Accounts

    It's in the detail

    Good business decisions mean knowing how your business is performing. Your Business Partner needs to be able to see a balance sheet or a profit and loss statement, and know it like a seasoned musician reads music. The great ones can take a look at the numbers and within seconds put their finger on the core health of the business so that you can make informed decisions with the help of sound commercial advice.

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