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10 traits common to many business owners

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In the world of entrepreneurship, there is no fixed approach. No two successful entrepreneurs carry the exact same traits.
These are some of the traits I have seen common to many business owners

1. Passionate about your mission
I truly feel that people who are motivated to achieve their dream can go a long way or certainly get as close to their dream as possible. Perseverance and unconditional dedication towards work set a successful business owner apart from the rest. Passion can be underrated but I place so much value in it.

2. Effective Communicator
The ease with which a business owner communicates might determine a certain level of success that they will achieve. It is not so much about being charismatic but more how you convey your passion and business.

3. Plan everything
No business can thrive in the absence of proper planning.
This quote sums it up "Failing to plan is planning to fail"

4. Be empathetic to others
The ability to listen to others and understand them is a trait that exceptional leaders have. By understanding others and what matters to them will really help you stand out.

5. Make decisions quick
People who can keep their calm even in tough situations, turn out to be leaders who can inspire others with their pragmatism.
If you respond quickly with little thought, this can sometimes lead to problems down the line.

6. Be innovative
If a business is struggling it is important to innovate to be able to progress forward.

7. Excellent time keeping
If you don't value your time, how can you value others?

8. Be Independent
Being a business owner can be lonely, having the ability to make decisions on your own and not rely on others for a second approval will help progress.

9. Tolerate risks
If you stay in your comfort zone all the time and avoid risks migth cause you to miss opportunities.

10. Self-belief
‘There is nothing that I can’t do to achieve my dreams’ – if you do not believe in your self, why would others?