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11 benefits of hosting your own Networking event

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I wrote a post about networking recently here.
Over the years I have attended hundreds of networking events and have hosted a number of them too.
This is an event we hosted in 2012:

The benefits of hosting a networking event so I wanted to write a post about it here.
These are the 11 benefits of hosting a networking event:

1. Develop new contacts:

You get to meet all attendees (if you make the effort!) which allows you to develop your network considerably.

2. Develop interest in a topic:

With my events, we would give lots of value to attendees, the events were free (and refreshments too). I would present on a certain topic that allowed me to develop interest around my topic of helping save business money on tax.

3. Develop subscriber list:

If you have a newsletter, websites, or magazine then this is a great way to grow your audience.

4. Personal Branding:

These events raise your profile considerably. If you use video and social media, expect to see significant benefits

5. Credibility:

The more people get to know you and see how you add value to their business, will enable you to become a credible source in your network.

6. Additional revenue:

I didn't focus on this but these events (if you wish) can become a great source of additional revenue for your business.

7. Develop your business:

It takes time but as people got to know me, these events became a great source of new business for me.

8. Demonstration:

Depending on your business, these events can be a great place to demonstrate your offering. For my business, we would demonstrate the benefits of Xero.

9. Media:

By proving a free networking event for businesses, the media tend to like this. I was interviewed in various publications and I was interviewed on the Newstalk radio, Sunday business show - this really helped build my profile

10. Partnerships:

It is a very effective way to develop partnerships with Venues By giving them the business and brand awareness to an audience, they will always be grateful and willing to help with future events.

11. Connecting your attendees with each other:

It’s a pleasure for me to help others connect and mutually benefit from creating a relationship. By bringing a large number of influential people together, it is only a matter of time that the right people will be introduced to one another, businesses will grow, and lives will change.

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