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€2500 Business continuity voucher - why every business should apply

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What is the Business Continuity Voucher?

The new Business Continuity Voucher is now available through Local
Enterprise Offices and is open to sole traders and companies across every
business sector that employ up to 50 people.
The voucher is worth up to €2,500 in third party consultancy costs and can be
used by companies and sole traders to develop short-term and long-term
strategies to respond to the Covid-19 pandemic. The goal is to help business
owners make informed decisions about what immediate measures and remedial
actions should be taken, to protect staff and sales.

This voucher is 100% fully funded and there is no cost to you or your business

The scheme is open to all types of businesses, across all industries and sectors
that employ up to 50 people. To apply, companies or sole traders fill out a short

application form and submit it directly to their Local Enterprise Office by e-
mail. When a company is issued with a voucher for third party consultancy,

they begin working directly with a qualified expert, selected from existing Local
Enterprise Office and Enterprise Ireland panels. But You can also nominate
an expert if there is somebody you want to work with.

The Business Continuity Voucher can be used towards the payment of third party consultancy

The third party costs might include:

1. Financial Review and Planning i.e. hiring an accountant
2. HR Planning i.e. hiring a HR specialist.
3. Health & Safety i.e. hiring a Health & Safety consultant.
4. ICT (Information & Communications) support to implement remote working

To apply for the Business Continuity Voucher, you submit a short application
form to your Local Enterprise Office.

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