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5 tips to help you be the most successful you can be in business

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Running a small Irish business sounds like a dream at times. We all know someone who seems to have a great business. Does it sometimes seem too easy for them? What is the catch?

However, sometimes the journey of running your business can be tough. I wanted to share some ideas to help in your journey as a business owner.

These points are brief.

Delegate where possible (or outsource)

Sometimes as a business owner, you can become obsessed with doing all the tasks. Delegate as much as possible to your team. 

If you work alone in your business, there is a community of people who will want to help. Is outsourcing an option for you?

Prioritise and decide What else could you be doing with that time that's better for your bottom line?

Use technology to do the "heavy lifting"

Manually entering paper invoices or receipts? Sweating over paperwork and manual tasks? XERO can automate so many of these tasks. Consider it, that is what it does best

Get support

Business Mentors, advisors are a great resource to ask for support.

Networking groups and local events can offer tremendous value to local businesses.

Set a goal and follow it

It's easy to develop "impostor syndrome" when things get tough -- that nagging and often untrue sense that it's only a matter of time before someone reveals you’re not worthy of all you've achieved -- so it's always good to focus on the concrete steps that got you where you are today. Work towards a long-term goal, it is important to bring you to bring you to where you need.

Gratitude (and be nice along the journey too!)

This is great advice for anyone, but especially anyone trying to run a small business. Be kind to yourself and others. In the same way, you wish to be treated in business do the same if not better to others. It makes for a much better experience for everyone.

Running a business can be tough. Be smart, kind and supportive to those you work with and it's certainly a step in the right direction.


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