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6 benefits of using LinkedIn to grow your business in 2018/ 2019

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I have been using LinkedIn since 2009 to develop my business.
I have found it an invaluable way to drive business for Gahan and Co.
I wanted to share 6 benefits of using LinkedIn to drive business for your business.

Business development opportunities

LinkedIn opens the doors for networking and the opportunity to get speaking to many potential clients. Keep your company page up to date with relevant information and be a resource to your connections and followers. Branding yourself as the subject expert on your services will help them think of you when they need you.

Thought leadership
Having a LinkedIn user profile and Company Page is a great way to gain attention for your business. The page has the potential to show up when people search for you in Google, as well as showing up for searches on LinkedIn. Consider setting your own Group on LinkedIn - I created the small business community and we have almost 10,000 members!

I ran events, webinars and many other tactical ways to develop credibility.
The main piece of advice here is offer value as much as you can and DO NOT expect anything in return. It will happen.

Showcase your accomplishments
Another way to build up trust with potential customers and clients is to display your achievements. Video testimonials for example. Don't brag but use these as a way to add value to others

Filtered Search Results
Generating sales effectively means reaching your customers effectively. LinkedIn makes this easy by offering a thorough group of search options that you can use to hone in on your target demographics.

Quality Connections 
The most important benefit of LinkedIn is the fact that it is populated almost entirely by forward-thinking professionals such as yourself who are also looking for ways to grow their businesses. This creates a unique culture of individuals who, in representing their respective companies, make business easier for everybody.

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