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9 reasons to consider switching to cloud computing

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There are many great reasons to consider changing to a cloud computing provider. There are many great benefits to be enjoyed.

I wanted to document a few of the benefits below. Here are 9 reasons to consider:

You can save money

Businesses do not need to invest in any capital outlay anymore.

They can "rent" software for a monthly or annual premium This term is known as ‘Software as a Service’ (SaaS). The software you need to run your business can all be available from the cloud and Xero is just one example

You can save time

Cloud computing was developed to be an on-tap service that requires little knowledge or input from the end user. You do not need to download software or ensure it is compliant with your internal network PC/ Laptops. You can access everything via a simple login.

Collaborate and Share

You can share and collaborate more easily using tools just like Google Drive, Dropbox and so forth. We wrote about these tools in a previous blog.


Data storage is one of the core SaaS offerings of cloud computing – it allows even large corporates to access huge databases of information without having to operate their own internal servers.

You do not need to store data locally, so you can access your files from any remote location.

Improve reliability

Cloud computing is proving that software as a service, rather than as a product, is more reliable. With so many people using a single program, instead of everyone using individual copies, service providers are directly managing software and being updated about issues immediately.

It is highly unlikely that you will be unable to access your files and data from a respectable software vendor.

You can be mobile

It’s almost as if cloud computing was designed specifically for mobile devices because you don’t rely on the device itself for storage capacity. You don’t have to email documents from home to work computers anymore.

For example, you can use XERO from ALL smartphones and devices allowing you work on the move.

You will have better security

Security is the biggest issue people have with cloud computing because users have to hand over responsibility for data security to their service providers.

You do not have to worry about people breaking into your office and stealing your files (or even servers)

You can recover from a backup quickly

Backing up important documents on a separate hard drive is important, whether you’re using cloud computing or not.

Because you can access your documents anywhere there’s an Internet connection, cloud computing can be a vital tool to ensure business continuity


The cost and time savings implied by using cloud computing can be promoted as an advantage in business plans. It’s not just an alternative choice to traditional IT set-ups but an evolution of IT thinking. It can be applied to make a business leaner and more effective at service delivery.

I hope you found this blog helpful. Paddy.

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