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5 important ways that your accountant should help you

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What do you expect from your accountant? These are some things to consider

1. Fixed and fair pricing

Telling you the price after the work has been done is unfair, it is important to have full transparency from the start

2. Proactively find opportunities to improve cash flow and boost profits

An accountant should be proactive in helping to find opportunities to improve key areas of your business. Are you fed up of accountants who don’t seem to help your business to grow and develop? Even profitable businesses can fail if the cash runs out. Managing this can be time-consuming. We produce regular cash flow forecasts to ensure your plans can be fully funded and you don’t fall into financial difficulties.

3. Identify the most tax efficient structure for your business 

Proactive tax planning is imperative for all businesses but many business owners are unhappy with the service their accountants offer when it comes to saving money off annual tax bills. It is important for your accountant who actively helps reduce your tax bills even further is vital. The team at DP Accounting use leading strategies and state of the art software to help identify the most tax efficient structures for your business and plan accordingly – saving you both time and money.

4. Help you take home more money

Many business owners are not taking home as much money as they would like and this can put a strain on their family and their quality of life. Is your accountant proactive in helping you in this area?

5. Help you find a better work-life balance


We recognise that the quality of life you are achieving on a personal level is absolutely central, otherwise why be in business in the first place? Does your accountant align with your work-life balance?

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